About Us

Our Approach

Doing What’s Right for the Deaf and Hearing Communities”

Fisher Interpreting believes we are not only serving the Deaf Community but our hearing providers as well. An integral part of providing sign language interpreting services is to educate potential hearing providers as to the need for providing sign language interpreters for their Deaf clients, employees,  students, and patients.

Facilitating communication between the Deaf person and hearing provider in an effortless and respectful manner for both is our mission.

Our Story

Fisher Interpreting was established to deliver a different approach in providing sign language interpreting services for the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It was founded by Bobby and Amy Fisher.

Bobby was raised in an American Sign Language (ASL) rich environment, as he is a Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA). As such, he developed a love and appreciation for the language and culture of his parents.

Bobby graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma with a degree in Business Administration and Deaf Education. His life and passion encompasses his work throughout his career as a certified Interpreter, Deaf Educator, College Instructor, Public Speaker, and now as an Interpreting Agency owner.

As a result, Fisher Interpreting works very hard to ensure the Deaf community is being served, so that every Deaf person has access to an interpreter.

Next Steps…

You may request rate information or information regarding interpreting services by emailing or calling us:


(817) 575-9843  Texas